Prerna Mahila House Baramati

Our approach with counselling in this institution -

  • To understand and help each individual inmate with their specific background or family issue
  • To understand the circumstances which led to their being in a Women's shelter

Project Goal - To work with over 25 girls/women who were homeless, trafficking survivors and suffering from mental health conditions.

This project comprised of-

  • They were screened, interviewed individually and evaluated using psychometric testing
  • Reports were generated for them and follow up counselling has been initiated
  • Understand the "back story" or contributory circumstances which led to the situation
  • To understand and identify contributory or personality issues which could have contributed to their situation
  • To identify social or cultural factors which encouraged such behaviors
  • To develop an understanding about family issues and dynamics which could be contributory factors
  • To help each resident woman deal with psychological trauma as a result of their brush with the law and/or mental health institutionalisation
  • To identify the extent of trauma and offer regular supportive counselling to those who require the same
  • To suggest other interventions which may help
  • To address their difficulties and issues which could impact their future
  • To help them improve or work on their family relationships and dynamics
  • Improve their motivation towards positive role models, adopting positive behaviours and learning to cope
  • Minimize repetition of such incidents or behaviours

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