Kshamata NGO - Home for Women in distress.

Project Brief - Screening, testing and counselling 25 rescued girls who were victims of abuse

This project comprised of-

  • Understanding the background and past history of each individual rescued woman.
  • Learning their current issues and difficulties in adjusting as well as their current mental state by taking a detailed case history.
  • Improve family relationships
  • Conducting psychological evaluations to form a diagnosis for each
  • Aid them with further treatment modalities including counseling, group counselling, career counselling and medication.

Our approach with counselling in this institution -

  • To help each individual work on herself and improve her mental functioning and work on her trauma as well achieve a sense of safety and well being
  • Address their emotional wellness and help them achieve a sense of independence
  • Improve their social relationships and enhance trust
  • Improve their motivation towards work, life, marriage and reintegration into society and learning
  • Help them with their Depression and Anxiety

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